Honey honey honey honnnnayyyy!

Ok so first off who doesn't love honey?!? I use it in tea and sometimes just straight out of the jar because I love sweetness. But who knew these two would be effective at warding off allergies?

When I moved to Vegas my allergies began to hinder my days. I was unable to even run outside for longer than a block before my eyes would water uncontrollably and I was short of breath. I thought living in a desert climate would be LESS likely to have horrible allergies but with our windy city comes dust kick up and I found myself suffering. I was sleeping 8-14 hours because I was always tired& Drained. I tried allergy meds but my body is sensitive to anything over the counter and I usually suffer some sort of consequence. So I decided to try to find a natural route. 

After about a year of searching I walked into a Whole Foods and someone mentioned "Local Bee Pollen" I picked some up and immediately tried it when I got home...It was NASTY! I chewed and chewed and made "that face" you know the one you make when somethings horrible like plane food haha. It wasn't good. Soon I found I could disguise it i shakes and also in local honey or Manuka Honey. I love Manuka Honey for its myriad of benefits! So I decided to begin taking it that way. Happy to say 1 year later and still have my allergies under control :)

The reason you want to buy LOCAL is not only helping your local farmers but it contains histamines for the environment in which you live. So it will work more effective. You can get these at a local health store.

"Bee pollen actually reduces histamine, which is the same target over -the-counter medications act upon. It can be effective for a wide range of respiratory diseases, ranging from asthma to chronic sinus infections."

Now if you are allergic to pollens I would seek advice before beginning any routine with local honey ect...better safe than sorry! 


Cocktail Hour

On of my hardest hours as an ex party-girl, wild child whatever you want to call it. I lived for this hour! But my bank account and my body didnt..hello drunken shopping and skipping the gym! 

I have something new for you guys to try. This is my new way of having a "cocktail" with my peers while keeping it clean and healthy aka NO liquor added for a good time and fat burning results :)

Join me for a fat burning cocktail, cheers http://BRIGHTENYOURFUTURE.pruvitnow.com

Best Ab exercises!

Ever wonder how to get washboard abs? Wellll let me tell you!

A lot of abs is through nutrition but with balanced nutrition, high quality supplements like these and a good training program you can be on the path to the 6 pack (not beer) in no time. 

#1 PLANK- I love planks! They pull in and tighten the abdominal wall acting as a suction to pull the tummy in vs push it out in most traditional ab moves. My variation of the plank is to do jumping jacks in between. I always shoot for 1 min-5 min (super killer and if you get up to 5 be so proud of yourself, because its hard)

#2 Abdominal hold on a chair- Sit on Edge of chair and use your hands over the edge to slowly raise your butt off the chair. Hold for 5 seconds for a total of 1-2 min

#3Russian Twists in V-Up-Sit in V-shape and grab a medicine ball. Slowly twist the ball side to side touching almost to the floor while keeping your legs elevated and back back. Push yourself and go for a total of 100 reps.

These are my top 3 moves for creating chiseled and sculpted abs :)

What makes Pruvit awesome??

Wanna do something?? Then Pruvit!!

I waited and waited for the industry to create something this powerful, this scientific, this amazing. My wish manifested and boom! Here we are. Pruvit has changed the fitness world and will become the number 1 weight loss, muscle maintaining system in the world. 


Heres some of the reasons why this system is so amazing:

-Fat loss

-Fast and sustained energy

-Reduces fatigue

-Reduces mental fog

-Increases focus and awareness (you ninja you!)

-Appetite suppressed (no sweets cravings!)

-Strength gain (boom baby!)

-Improved mood 


-Better sleep

-Clearer skin

-Improved digestion


Im in love. If you are interested in trying it out or want to know more contact me! I love helping people feel their best :)


Why do I love Apple Cider Vinegar???

I love ACV. Ive been drinking it straight for about 6 months now.

I do a shot every morning followed by 12oz of water.

I feel like it flushes my system of toxins and gives me a slight energy boost to start my day. It also has a lot of well known properties for keeping the body in tip top shape and I will take any edge I can get as long as its natural...So then began my ACV fixation! 

I first started to use it a couple years ago whenever I would get sick since its effective in killing off certain types of bacteria, I actually ordered it in a shot at juice places (they mix it with other good for you bacteria killers) and boom! If I got sick I would get my "shots" and get better within a couple days. I then started to really see the magic of natural homeopathic remedies and health. It became a fascination of mine to learn more about natural remedies and who the body worked. 

So a few awesome things about ACV:

-You can use it as a cleanser for surfaces in your home 

-You can use it as a face mask when mixed with mud or clay (meant for the face) and it detoxifies and gets rid of acne causing bacteria

-You can drink straight to help manage weight loss (though slight in weight loss it still helps)

-You can drink it when your sick to help make you feel better (still consult with doctors if sick this is not a health claim)

-naturally detoxifies the body

-Some studies have shown that ACV can help with the prevention and reducing cancer cells from forming (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/15630260/) 

-"Apple cider vinegar may also contain the antioxidant chlorogenic acid, which has been shown to protect LDL cholesterol particles from becoming oxidized, a crucial step in the heart disease process" as a source says

And it can slightly boost energy levels! 

Drink up!

Success..what does that mean to you?

When someone asks "What would make you happy in five years? Do you see yourself successful?" Every. Single. Time. It makes me question my objective in life. Where am I now? What do I really want? Am I doing what it takes to get there or am I holding myself back?

Everyone has their different take on what it means to be successful. Its extremely open ended in my opinion. 

So I googled it. 

"the accomplishment of an aim or purpose." 

Is this not what we strive to do every day? And if you feel like you're stuck and haven't achieved anything big you are not alone! But I will tell you its the small things that add up to be the big picture. I always try to be proud of the things I do day in and day out to get where I want to really be big picture wise. You can do this too :) Just begin to be thankful and remind yourself about what you did to move yourself closer to your goals that day. Every little bit adds up. And if you don't know  yet what your goals are take a few minutes to write down on paper what you truly desire for your life. If things are hard right now it will give you even more drive to accomplish what you want in life.

You. Can. Do. It.  

What did you do today that made you feel successful?