Success..what does that mean to you?

When someone asks "What would make you happy in five years? Do you see yourself successful?" Every. Single. Time. It makes me question my objective in life. Where am I now? What do I really want? Am I doing what it takes to get there or am I holding myself back?

Everyone has their different take on what it means to be successful. Its extremely open ended in my opinion. 

So I googled it. 

"the accomplishment of an aim or purpose." 

Is this not what we strive to do every day? And if you feel like you're stuck and haven't achieved anything big you are not alone! But I will tell you its the small things that add up to be the big picture. I always try to be proud of the things I do day in and day out to get where I want to really be big picture wise. You can do this too :) Just begin to be thankful and remind yourself about what you did to move yourself closer to your goals that day. Every little bit adds up. And if you don't know  yet what your goals are take a few minutes to write down on paper what you truly desire for your life. If things are hard right now it will give you even more drive to accomplish what you want in life.

You. Can. Do. It.  

What did you do today that made you feel successful?