Best Ab exercises!

Ever wonder how to get washboard abs? Wellll let me tell you!

A lot of abs is through nutrition but with balanced nutrition, high quality supplements like these and a good training program you can be on the path to the 6 pack (not beer) in no time. 

#1 PLANK- I love planks! They pull in and tighten the abdominal wall acting as a suction to pull the tummy in vs push it out in most traditional ab moves. My variation of the plank is to do jumping jacks in between. I always shoot for 1 min-5 min (super killer and if you get up to 5 be so proud of yourself, because its hard)

#2 Abdominal hold on a chair- Sit on Edge of chair and use your hands over the edge to slowly raise your butt off the chair. Hold for 5 seconds for a total of 1-2 min

#3Russian Twists in V-Up-Sit in V-shape and grab a medicine ball. Slowly twist the ball side to side touching almost to the floor while keeping your legs elevated and back back. Push yourself and go for a total of 100 reps.

These are my top 3 moves for creating chiseled and sculpted abs :)