Celia Cavalli -NASM CPT, NPC Bikini, Commercial and Promo personality, Your future coach!


My name is Celia Cavalli. I begin my fitness journey at a young age while participating in different sports in school. After school I let myself go and developed bad habits. My weight decreased but I was unhealthy, tired and sick. The summer I turned 19 I rediscovered working out again through a boyfriend I had at the time. I became obsessed and soon started my career in the industry first heading into working in supplements. I have worked in the field since I was 20 years old. I enjoy helping others like myself (lost in the shuffle of life) find health, empowerment and a new outlook on life through training with me. I offer both online and in person training. I am excited to meet you and make your story become your before story. 

As a trainer I push my clients to their limits. I care so much about the results you get while working with me. Its not easy but I take the edge off a bit! :) 


I look forward to hearing from you please contact me anytime:


Celia Cavalli



Twitter: @Officialccav

Instagram: @Houseofcavalli