"Working with Celia has completely changed my life! What started out as a journey on wanting to look better, turned into a complete mind/body/soul makeover. Celia tought me how to respect my body by fueling it with the right food, and training it to sustain our busy lives! We started out small, where the changes and workouts were so simple that it didn't feel like work. And now, 8 months later, I don't even have to set an alarm to walk up I have so much energy. I have the right tools to maintain a healthy lifestyle and make choices that make me feel good! It takes a lot of mental energy to stay focused and reach goals, but Celia gave 100% support throughout the whole process and I never felt that quitting was even an option. So happy and HEALTHY! Can't wait to continue on the journey of health and fitness." -Chelsea (Chicago nutrition and personal training client)

"Wow best experience of my life! Can't wait for my next session. This is an experience in external as well as inner growth. Results are amazing!" -Cathryn (Las Vegas branch nutrition client)

"Working with Celia in New York for my upcoming wedding was a pleasure. She was prompt, professional and has such an uplifting, motivating attitude she truly makes you feel you can take on the world..or at least your wedding dress! I highly recommend her and her team." -Jessica (New York branch and online client)

"Celia is one of the few trainers who really digs deep to find what it is that works. She refuses to use cookie cutter programing for her clients which is rare in the online coaching field. I got the pleasure to fit in a couple workouts with Celia in the Bay Area and look forward to watching my progress continue and her business flourish as it should! You rock C!"-Olivia (Bay Area Client, Online client)

"Celia has been an inspiration for me and has helped keep me on track on my journey to better health. She is willing to work with my limitations and helped me see that I can still achieve my goals." Sent via Body By Cavalli by Anon Minnesota based client

"Celia!!! Love that you continue to grow and let us grow with you! Ive known you for many years to when you started as a trainer. I loved your attitude of get shit done but also laugh until we get a 6 pack ab workouts. You are a great trainer, friend and person. Im so blessed to have met you and get to work with you! Ill submit pictures once I can come to you in person more often and get to my goals. Keep inspiring others!" -Minnesota based client